Neues Jahr, Neuer Kiez…


It’s been a long time since I posted anything, but I have to stress it’s had nothing to do with lack of inspiration. Perhaps it’s more due to the fact I’ve moved house twice, changed jobs twice and just generally inflicted a great deal of personal upheaval upon myself. Or maybe I’m just a lazy bum. Probably the latter.

Anyway, I now find myself more settled and excited to explore my new surroundings. Starting with…my new front garden (normally it’s a bit wetter). Transformed by the weather into a Schlittschuhläufer’s paradise.  In amongst the freezing weather/broken limbs from falling off your bike/darkness induced depression, I love that winter also brings a totally new aspect to parts of the city, giving opportunities for unexpected and unplanned joy. Provided you are appropriately dressed, natürlich.

Taped-up tins of tuna (two different colours of tape, obviously) form the basis for an impromptu game of curling. Why not?

Winter is also the time of one of my favourite scenes: kids who don’t walk anywhere for Months, instead getting their parents to ferry them everywhere on these nifty wee toboggans. Alas, it’s only a few days later and already the canal is thawing, the streets cleared of snow and those poor children with only a couple of weeks of toboggan-taxi under their belts. Schade.